Friday, August 27, 2010

spending the long weekend at TT

back here in TT for the long weekend. arrived late yesterday afternoon. the weather was quite hot and what did i do? i slept the whole day until almost time for iftar. huhu. jahat aku kan? x tolong langsung nak prepare utk berbuka. nways, will be spending the time here at my parents until sunday. today x de plan lagi nak ke mana. i guess its just gonna be a lazy saturday and lucky me cos kat umah my parents ada wifi. yesss. so i could connect to the internet and gosh.. i cld sit infront of my notebook for hours. hehe.

nothin' much to brag here. except that i might go out a bit later perhaps to bazar ramadhan ke? or singgah kedai tengok baju melayu yg murah2. i thot of gettin' one. need to buy new cos baju lama tuh mcm dah besa gituh. maklumlah, size dah kecik sket. hahaha. perasan kan? last month i weight 75kg and i need to check how much i weight now during this ramadhan. hoho.

nways, u guys hv a great weekend too ya. take care!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blog aku membosankan???

someone says my blog is aint interesting. aduuh. betul ke? mcmana nak kasik interesting ek? 8-(

ramadhan menjelma lagi...

its first day of ramadhan and first day of fasting too. my first day of fasting went well. didnt feel tired even a bit. huhu. ye lah. bukan wat keje tengah2 panas pun. dok kat opis yg berhawa dingin jer. so my fasting was smooth sailing. apa2 pun bersyukur ke hadrat Allah, sbb diberikan peluang oleh Nya untuk turut serta di bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ini. im feeling so blessed and grateful.

hd a great iftar at home. menu - ayam masak kurma, sayur kobis dan nasik goreng. huhu. not really a galore but it was definitely a good one. i was full... burp. alhamdulillah. thanks to a good fren, who cooked the ayam masak kurma. i thot it was delicious and i was rather surprised it tastes that good. way to go fren. terima kasih daun keladi... nanti bolelah masak kurma lagi yek. huhu.

now at alif's bistro kat sek 13. saja dtg cni lepak2. busan gak dok umah. rasa safocated. need some fresh air eventho the weather is rather warm tonite. hehe. apa2 pun i could say that my day was great. hope tomorrow even better.

to all muslims out there, "happy ramadhan al-mubarak". have a good one ya.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

my weight? 75kg...

yesterday i weight 75kg.  im so happy.  i think months ago my weight was around 82kg.  yippie. suka sgt.  nak turun ke 70kg plak and kalau boleh nak start pakai seluar size 30 again.  yessss!

in liverpool

its been a while. the last post was rather an emotional one. perhaps i was a bit harsh but i think i've done the right thing. i thot the silence treatment was interim, but looks like it has dragged for quite a while. huhu.  thats ok.  im fine with it. i wish the friendship cld continue on as usual but i guess i was wrong. that person must have decided to 'unfriend' me for eternally and thats cool.  i mean.. who am i to force a person to like and to love or even worst to become my friend.  i cant do that.  thats totally not right.  but i kinda miss the good ole days tho'.  yeah.. shit happens and to begin with i actually started the 'shit'. haha.  takpe lah.  let by gone be by gone kan?

here i am. in my room. typing this good ole blog away. its raining outside and its kinda cold in here. outside in the living room is my housemate's friend.  lurking on the sofa. let me tell you about this guy. he's weird.  and i think he's a freak.  he wld be watching me and laugh without no reason and that kinda piss me. and he would take a peek into my room ever time he sits on the sofa. what the hell? is he nuts or something? my room is always open to anyone.. but this guy is an exception. he scares the hell out of me.  i wish he and my housemate go out for dinner or something so that i cld be alone.  arghhhh...  camna nak buat ek?

anyways... its sunday nite and there will be new movie coming up on HBO.  at least there's something to look forward to.  otherwise, i'd be bored to death.  *sigh*.  and while typing this, i am actually listening to suzanne vega's 'in liverpool'.  dont ask me why.  kinda like the music arrangement.  mcm lagu-lagu 60an sket.  huhu.  go figure ey...

im off.  to my dear friends out there - you guys have a jolly good sunday evening ya.  esok dah keje.  oh ya.. esok ada appointment ngan dermatologist.  aduhhh.  duit lagi....  *sighhhhhhhh*

Friday, June 11, 2010

nothing compares to you ... 2

been giving enough thot about what's been going on the past few days. i am rather sad dat i was misunderstood and dat i hurt other's feeling. honestly, in whatever i do (or did), takde niat langsung nak sakitkan hati sapa-sapa pun. semuanya berlaku tanpa dirancang and apabila ianya berlaku, its already happened. there's nothing i could do to turn it back.

aku tak buang sesapa dlm hidup ini. mcm aku cakap dlm entry yg lepas, kawan susah-senang, sentiasa akan tersemat dalam sanubari aku ini. takde langsung niat nak tolak mereka ke tepi. aku bersyukur dikurniakan kwn-kwn yang menyayangi diri aku seadanya. susah nak dpt kwn-kwn yg mcm gini. im really blessed to have such frens and never would i let 'em go easily.

cuma bila keadaan agak tegang dan ianya membuatkan aku a bit sad, i think i have to lay low for a while. i think its best dat i keep my distance and stop all communications until keadaan reda. aku tak suka gaduh disebabkan oleh perkara yang aku anggap remeh dan tidak sepatutnya menjadik isu besar dalam persahabatan aku. i love my frenships and i want to keep it dat way. misunderstanding and miscommunication is not healthy. i would like them to heal fast so dat i could continue on with the frenships that has been built all these years. sayang rasanya nak buang kawan begitu saja.

to whom this may concerns "im sorry. lets stop this shit for a while".


Thursday, June 10, 2010


ni la antara masalah yang perlu aku atasi. aku tido berdengkur. i dont really know how loud my dengkur is but sometimes it does disturb others who sleep near or around me. huhu. malu ar beb.. mana la aku tau yang aku tido berdengkur. i think my snor wld be even louder if i was knackered. *sighhh*

today .. all my entries are about snor aka dengkuran. baik di blog, fb or twitter. haha. apa2 pun, yg penting aku dapat tido dengan lena. mgkin jgk ni adalah penyakit yang perlu aku ubati. what do you think?

btw, do you snor mate???