Friday, August 27, 2010

spending the long weekend at TT

back here in TT for the long weekend. arrived late yesterday afternoon. the weather was quite hot and what did i do? i slept the whole day until almost time for iftar. huhu. jahat aku kan? x tolong langsung nak prepare utk berbuka. nways, will be spending the time here at my parents until sunday. today x de plan lagi nak ke mana. i guess its just gonna be a lazy saturday and lucky me cos kat umah my parents ada wifi. yesss. so i could connect to the internet and gosh.. i cld sit infront of my notebook for hours. hehe.

nothin' much to brag here. except that i might go out a bit later perhaps to bazar ramadhan ke? or singgah kedai tengok baju melayu yg murah2. i thot of gettin' one. need to buy new cos baju lama tuh mcm dah besa gituh. maklumlah, size dah kecik sket. hahaha. perasan kan? last month i weight 75kg and i need to check how much i weight now during this ramadhan. hoho.

nways, u guys hv a great weekend too ya. take care!

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Ron Hasmi said...

We really, really miss you Sham. May Allah bless your soul. Al-fatihah.