Tuesday, June 10, 2008

diva plavalaguna & ruby rhod

Diva Plavalaguna was played byMaïwenn Le Besco.

Maïwenn first learned about the role of the diva by Luc Besson, who was her fiance at the time. Luc originally wanted her to play the role from the start, but Maïwenn refused to take the role, believing it to be wrong that she would be working for the same man she was in a relationship with. Luc ended up finding another person to take the role, a German model, however, the model never showed up for screening. Maïwenn promised Luc she would take the role provided the model didn't show up again for the make-up screening, which was indeed the case. She performed the opera scene in front of a live audience consisting of actors who were for the first time seeing Maïwenn in her full make-up and costume, which took three hours of morning preparations every day while filming. After seeing the film, she confessed in an interview she was disappointed about how the opera scene was constantly being interrupted and was worried her performance would go unnoticed and unappreciated by viewers. Later, however, she states discovering the large online fanbase for the Diva eased her mind.

Ruby Rhod played by Chris Tucker. he's so hillarious and superb.
perhaps i love to watch fifth element because of these two roles. huhu.
note : this is not a review!


Mat`amiT said...

aritu bising2 blog aku serabut byk gambaq, tetiber hang pn byk gambaq

looka80 said...

gambaq dlm blog aku cantik dan teratur ok. bkn mcm blog hang...! semak samun mcm lalang belakang umah hang. :-)

Mat`amiT said...

all i can say is that
hang x pandai menilai seni

looka80 said...

aa - just shut it!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Wat dis all abt? I dun giv it shait la, i do thk yr blog is OK.. Btw, now dat i knw dis diva name. I love her OST Fifth Element i-dun-knw-wats-the-title-is. F*cktastic!

Mus The Great said...

"this is not a review"?...to me this IS!...ahak!

Jai said...

jai rasa blog sham memang banyak infomasi dan cantik..congrate

looka80 said...

jm - i love that opera song too.. i cld listen to it over again!

jai - ur so kind mate!